Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How Much Are 10 runs really worth ?

A question that boggled my mind while I was proctoring an exam today ? So what difference does it make if an opener gives a quickfire start of 30 runs or 20 runs ? Is it that big ? What is the difference between a 0 and a streaky 10 ? Between a 40 and a 50 ? A 90 and a 100 ? A 50 and a 60 ?

From an opener ? From a pinch-hitter ? From a tail-ender ?

In the slog ? In the middle overs ? While chasing a huge target ?

While batting on a minefield ? On a batting beauty ?

In all these multitude of scenarios what is the value of 10 runs ?

Clearly it is different, clearly it depends a lot on all these circumstances, maybe initially I thought it was not too much but maybe I need to analyze this further.

Actually the motivation I had for this question was initially quite different. I was working on the fact that prior to the start of 2004 Sehwag averaged 35, since then he averages 28. Is that such a drastic decline as is made out to be ? Well I guess for that I have to look at other avenues, like considering more than just averages.

But I hope I have raised some interesting questions and look forward to the opinions of all of you.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Such Are The Ways Of World Cricket ...

... particularly in the ODI format.

So Australia still are the World Champions. They finally managed to win the one tournament that had eluded them and also won the DLF Triangular prior to that against opponents who were at that point of time considered, well, dangerous.

However on both these occasions they dropped one game to the West Indies and people began to talk about the West Indies emerging as a serious challenger to Australia in the near future. The same West Indies however, are not having too easy a time in Pakistan. That Pakistan who was absolutely annihilated by South Africa last month. Yes, the same South Africa whom the West Indies thrashed in the ICC Champios Trophy.

Confusing enough ?

Let us try to summarize: Australia are still the World Champs, but West Indies emerge as a strong contender by beating them a couple of times and reaching finals before losing to them. On the way they thrash South Africa whom had in turn annihilated Pakistan. But now West Indies find the going tough against Pakistan.

Such is cricket, really. So I guess one shouldn't really devastate oneself too much over India's travails in South Africa. Because it all comes around in circles ...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

How Cumming ?

People might think of several weird interpretations of the above title but believe it or not, it is opening pair that New Zealand has put up against Sri Lanka in this current test match ?

How cum ? You might want to ask ...

Interesting Piece Of Trivia ?

Other than England, which country holds the record for maximum born players who went on to play the Ashes for England ? Name these players if possible.


Answer: Not South Africa, as many might guess, but India. The more prominent among thse include Ranjitsinghji, Duleepsinghji, Douglas Jardine, Nawab Pataudi, Colin Cowdrey, Bob Woolmer, Nasser Hussain.

Others are Emmett, Wynyard and Young.