Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Country For Old Men ?

So what are these old buggers doing playing the IPL anyway ? Ganguly Dravid and Laxman ? There has been a positive uproar amidst sections of followers over the place of these guys in their respective sides.

My take on this is simple - this is club cricket, not international cricket. Traditionally in such games there are always the old local pros who have been around for donkey's years. They are there to knock some sense in the heads of the young tyros. Imagine how much Kohli would be learning sharing space with Dravid ! Not just about how to bat in this hit-or-miss thing (of which perhaps Dravid might know precious little) but of approach to cricket in general which would help the young kid in the long term in what really matters - his test career.

Often it might happen that these old pros might not come up with the goods. I'm totally okay with that. I think they should be afforded that luxury for their services and reputation. They are the ones who are giving identity to these local teams after all.


Robin said...

If they are there, only to give advices, then they should be coaches or advisors and not players....

But the presence of these stars surely gives that identity to the local teams..

Rajesh said...

T-20 is not just about hit or miss.
Haiku poetry

Pankaj said...

Good article.. I agree.. experience plus youth is a good combination for all teams.. international or domestic..